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Wollkatze Millows schwarz

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Millows is a handmade cushion cat. Millows’ textile is designed and knitted by us in our own workshop. To ensure the highest quality, we use 100% lambswool made by the family run luxury yarn manufacturer from Yorkshire UK, with history dating back to 18th century. The cushion is hand embroidered with 30% alpaca and 70% organic wool and has an anti-allegry filling. Millows comes in a paper wrapping closed with a button and with a couple of handmade extras including a hand-knitted mouse, a pompom and a wooden milk bottle packed in a linen bag. Millows is soft and cuddly and may be used as a toy as well as a bed or sofa pillow. It’s a beautiful addition to a nursery or kids room. Made entirely at Mana'o Nani workshop. size: ~31cm x 29cm