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One Tree - Oak 2 m

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One tree is a sustainable alternative to the traditional christmas tree. Here is a christmas tree that can be reused year after year, generation after generation. A tree, which is allergy friendly, and a tree that does not loose spruce needles.



Furthermore, one tree stands as a simple and elegant coat hanger In the hall or in the bedroom. Thehanger can be adjusted to fit the needs of its owner and can be adjusted to fit the room it stands in.



One tree can also act as a lamp stand. Here you can sit in your favorite chair and look at one tree decorated with for example a lamp, hanging plants and magazine holders in nature leather.


One tree is produced in oak and smoked oak and in two sizes: 1 and 2 meters. Furthermore we design accessories for the tree as for example leather magazine holders, coat stops for the coat hanger and lamp sticks for the lamp stand.

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