KlipKlap Playfold Bällebad lightgrey

KlipKlap Playfold Bällebad lightgrey

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KK Play Fold - the versatile, foldable haven for your child's imagination. This multifunctional piece of furniture seamlessly integrates into your daily activities and effortlessly transitions from room to room. With a height of 30 cm, KK Play Fold provides your child a secure oasis for creative play, relaxation, and cozy moments.

With endless folding possibilities, KK Play Fold becomes a magical space for imaginative play and relaxation, while also contributing to children's motor development through the versatile furniture.

Watch your child explore KK Play Fold's many folding features, enhancing both gross and fine motor skills. The furniture's high-quality foam and durable fabric styled with by KlipKlap's iconic buttons and built-in magnets, ensure that it seamlessly blends into your home.

From being a cozy sofa with cushions to functioning as a puzzle table or a hideout for a Ninja Turtle, KK Play Fold adapts to any creative idea and age. Explore the many folding possibilities of KK Play Fold, such as using it as a swing or diving into imaginative play with the square folding furniture that can open and close like a door to a store or a hideout.

KK Play Fold sparks creativity and gives your child the opportunity to shape his/her own play experiences. Whether it's a foldable play area or a dynamic sofa piece, this versatile gem promises endless joy.

  • Approved from 0 years according to EN–71-3
  • OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified, Class 1
  • 28 kg Polyurethan foam
  • 100% polyester
  • 120.000 martindale
  • Size: diameter 90 cm, height 30 cm


KK Play Fold - a foldable sofa and a fun playground for the little ones and the grown-ups.